Announcements - Week of September 15, 2019

Lost lamb


Jean Taylor, Cheryl Roberts, Joyce Roberts’ son, Simeon Wait (Dennis and Dale’s great nephew), Ed Roberts, Jim Gray, Ted Hughes (Liz Turner’s great Uncle) with brain cancer, Claude Cheely, Nik, Teddy Sears, Joyce Forcke, Frankie Irons, Shirley Overstreet, Judy Wilkinson, Jane Whitlow, Cindy White, Jennifer Maitland, Isabelle Brown, Barbara Jessup, Bishop Lewis, Richard (Ruth Plott’s brother-in-law).

Our Stewardship last week

Worship Attendance: 93

General Fund Giving: $4,401.00

Weekly Budget Need: $4,722.00

Crucifer: Micah Kinney | Acolyte: Katherine Kinney



We have a couple of vacancies in our crucifer and acolyte program for the traditional service. Acolytes are usually children and teens who are tall enough to reach the candles on the altar. Crucifers are usually teens and adults who can carry the processional cross. If you have any interest in participating in this program, please contact Horace Ford or call the church office at 262-8651.


At present our Clothes Closet at Ginter Park UMC is only open for two hours between 10 am and 12 noon on Wednesdays at the same time as the Food Pantry. We have a lot of clothes that should be distributed so we are considering opening for an extra day on a Thursday each week between 10 am and 12 noon. Are you willing to volunteer your services to assist with sorting and distributing clothes on this day? Please let Pastor Dennis or the Church Office staff know if you are willing to help.


Thank you for your support of our Food Pantry. We are now serving approximately 60 to 70 families each week. The federal/state program, under which we operate, allows us to serve each family only once each month. For the past few months, we have been receiving large deliveries of USDA food. We continue to need paper grocery bags with handles and plastic bags. We also need canned tuna, soap bars and baby/toddler diapers. Donations may be left outside of the Food Pantry door (Burchette Room) on the first floor as you come in from the parking lot. Volunteers are, of course, always welcome. Come and see what we are doing. The Food Pantry and Clothes Closet are open each Wednesday from 10 AM until Noon. The Food Pantry is grateful to Bert Terranova for the donation of a new upright freezer and to Sam Wilkinson for locating a used freezer. These acquisitions greatly expand the amount of frozen USDA food we can accept.

UPDATE on Zahra and Mahdi

Through our Pastor’s Discretionary Fund, we are supporting Zahra with a six credit ESL class on writing and grammar. This cost almost $1,000.00. If you would like to contribute towards this mission effort, please make checks out to “Ginter Park UMC” and mark them “Pastor’s Discretionary Fund”. You may either mail them to us or place them in the offering plate on a Sunday. I am hopeful that we might continue with such sponsorship as Zahra undertakes further English courses. Recently we completed a fund raiser to replace Zahra’s original vehicle which had to be scrapped. Thank you for your wonderful generosity!


On September 19th, Patti Dean from Life Net Health will speak with us about organ donation. This is a very important subject for everyone. Please make every effort to attend and bring a friend. Your decision could save someone’s life. On October 17, GEMS regular program will feature a presentation by staff and The Beechwell Adult Day program. The center provides help for caregivers so they can get breaks for running errands or just to get a break. Please spread the word and bring your friends. Everyone is invited to join us for any of our programs. It is helpful to have an idea of how many plan to attend so we have enough food. You can make a reservation by calling Beth or Roy Quist at (804)266-3164 or the Church Office at (804)262-8651.

A Note from the District Superintendent, Pete Moon

Dear Friends, As you may know by now, Bishop Lewis will be returning to us this coming Monday. We are thankful for her healing and looking forward to her return! She has put together a video in preparation and has encouraged us to share it with our congregations this weekend and beyond. The link is below. Thanks so much for all you do!  In Christ, Pete


I was born and raised in Kenya in the continent of Africa. I grew up as a catholic (baptized and confirmed) because of my parents both of whom are still staunch followers of the faith even to date in their advanced ages. I went to a boarding high school which was Presbyterian and worshiped for 4 years. Then after high school, I went to Kenyatta University in Kenya, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Education (History and P.E) and while there, I went to the catholic church and Anglican Church most times. I emigrated to the united states in 1999 to pursue a master of science degree in Administration and went to school in Cape Girardeau Missouri (Southeast Missouri State University )and graduated in May2001. During my duration there, I attended Baptist Churches and continued with the same when I came to Richmond in June 2001 soon after graduation. I was saved and baptized at Cornerstone Baptist Church in North chesterfield Virginia. I have since indulged myself in the learning and talking about the word of God but it’s not until the year 2017, that I felt the spirit of the Lord urging me to do more in serving God. I started inquiring and finding out where I could learn and develop more and get sponsorship and that’s how I landed at the Union Presbyterian Seminary through an act of the Holy spirit. I was doing Uber and had a customer from the Richmond Airport going to Union Seminary who coincidentally happened to be a trustee of the seminary and I had poured my call to her, and then she told me about Union, where she was going for a meeting. That’s how I got into Union. I am one of the leaders of the Kenyan community in Richmond Metropolitan. We do have a formal Kenyan community social group.

I am a member and Elder of “Goshen international Prayer Ministries” (GIPM) and my other church is known as “Sudan Christian fellowship Ministries” both of which, are inter-denominational. Most of the church members are from my native country Kenya and other African countries like South Sudan, Congo, Rwanda and Burundi who mostly come to this country (United States) as refugees. We have a small committed Bible study group which has very committed members. Bible study classes are held on Mondays 10 am -11am, Tuesdays 6:00pm -8:00 pm which also doubles up as a fellowship, Wednesdays 10am -1100am and on Sundays 10am -11am. Bible studies are conducted mostly by the Pastors and church elders. The Tuesday bible study is unique, and this is the one I am focusing on for this reflection. Our Tuesday Bible study is different because everyone that attends is given a chance either to preach or give the bible study session. Unlike other Bible study groups, it takes place in Church members homes /houses on a rotational basis. There are usually between 15-20 participants on Tuesdays and it’s the most popular of all the bible study groups. The church member teaching the bible study on that day, is given the leeway to choose what he/she would like to teach without any influence from the Pastors. This the session that I do most of my Bible study teachings myself though I am at times required to teach on other days if available.

I have learnt from experience that we have to consider who we are called to be as teachers-leaders, about the people with whom we are working, and the content and the goals of our teaching. I have learnt that as a teacher, one offers life to a group engaged in study, honors those who gather offering questions, insights, directions, gives a listening hear, and a caring space to help people share and grow.

Through small group Bible studies, we gather to grow in faith and to live more fully as faithful people. Therefore, small group bible studies begin with prayer and sharing of what is happening in people’s lives. Further I learnt that as a teacher, I should never enter a classroom without praying for the people that I will meet. The events and experiences of their lives affect how they hear the content shared and the insights of others.

I hope to gain new experience in your esteemed Ginter Park Methodist Church and learn from you Pastor Dennis and your fellow Pastors and the Christian Education Director, as I embark on this path of getting more knowledge on teaching Christian education, Pastoral care and community service.

Thank you for offering me this opportunity to intern at your Church. May our God Almighty continue to bless you and use you as a vessel to win more souls for the Kingdom of God in Jesus Mighty name I pray.