Announcements - August 7, 2022

Announcements for Sunday, August 7, 2022! 

In-Person Worship begins at 9:30am (Contemporary Service) and 11am (Traditional Service)



for Sunday, August 7, 2022 will be available on Sunday at Ginter Park United Methodist’s Facebook page and on the YouTube channel


Conway Kehoe fell Monday morning and has a hip fracture. He had a hip replacement surgery at St. Francis Hospital on Tuesday, August 3, 2022. Please pray for Conway and the medical professionals, and Mary Liz and the family.


Conway Kehoe, Beth Quist, Clarence Woodson, the family of Laura Norman, Marylin Miles, David Charles Vance, Ruth Blevins, Christy (daughter of Conway and Mary Liz Kehoe), Ukraine, Betty Ford (two eye surgeries), Cheryl Roberts, Roy Quist, our Afghan evacuees, Edith Bassett, Carolyse Walters, Julie Duke, Rev. Wendy Rhodhamel (friend of Roy Quist), Richard Fournier, Cindy Jones, Louise Wood, Robert Jones, Daisy Sanders, Jean Taylor, Beverly Samford, Cora Matthews, Anne E., Horace and Barbara Ford’s daughter-in-law/Jennifer’s father, Bill Fulcrod, Frankie Irons, Shirley Overstreet, Jane Whitlow, Cindy White, Jennifer Maitland, Isabelle Brown, Barbara Jessup, for people who love and care for people with COVID.


2022 Virginia Annual Conference Highlights

The conference theme for this year is “United as One in Worship,” guided by the biblical passage of John 4:24. “God is spirit, and it is necessary to worship God in spirit and truth.”

Conference Business

Being the first in person conference in over two years and by an overwhelmingly majority vote by the Virginia General Conference delegation, the Rev. Tom Berlin, pastor of Floris UMC, Herndon, was endorsed for the office of bishop. The annual conference endorsed his nomination and gave him a standing ovation.

Church and District Changes

Eight churches were discontinued in five districts three churches were closed and two new faith communities and their pastors were introduced.

In the fall of 2021, clergy and lay members from across the Virginia conference gathered to discuss the pros and cons of consolidating 16 districts down to 8. After much debate and consolation Clergy and lay members joined together and approved the District Initiative to create eight new districts from the current 16-district structure. The new structure began July 1, 2022. The new districts and their superintendents are as follows:

  • Northern Virginia District – The Rev. Dr. Sarah Calvert
  • Three Notch’d District – The Rev. Dr. Hyo Lee
  • Mountain View District – The Rev. Denise Bates
  • Coastal Virginia District – The Rev. Cecelia Brooks
  • Living Waters District – The Rev. Jay Carey
  • Shenandoah River District – The Rev. Dr. Victor Gomez
  • Mission Rivers District – The Rev. Dr. Charles Bates
  • Valley Ridge District – The Rev. Doug Forrester

The 138 churches in Charlottesville and Richmond District will  now come together under the leadership of The Rev. Dr. Hyo Lee to make the new Three Knotch’d District with the focus of working on new ways of doing ministry.

District Superintendent Dr. Lee, stressed the need to be nimble and relevant to the needs of our local church and community, first he said, we plan on simplifying our district-level administrative committees. This simplification will free us to engage in actual ministry and mission on the ground rather than sitting at many meetings. Second, we plan on exploring collaborative ways of doing ministry by piloting cluster groups. The cluster groups will learn together, support one another, and pray and execute ministry together in their local churches and com- munities to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

For more than two hundred years the Three Notch’d Road furnished a connection between the commercial and political center provided by the capital city of Richmond and the fertile agricultural areas of the Shenandoah Valley. Buildings along the road appear to date from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These buildings, which once served the commercial and social needs of a bustling transportation route, now have found adaptive uses or stand abandoned in a variety of contexts. A few, notably churches, have continued in their original uses throughout most of our country’s two-hundred-year history. Viewing these buildings as isolated entities, one is inclined to overlook the fact that it was the Three Notch’d Road which served as the thread tying them together.

Now today, with the combining of the Richmond and Charlottesville Districts into a single district, and naming this new district the Three Notch’d District of the Virginia United Methodist Conference, this name will be the thread that ties all our churches in this exciting new district together, guiding all who travel through our Christian faith, just as the Three Notch’d Road has done for over 200 years.

Mission Service

A Mission Service, highlighted the many areas the Virginia Conference is in mission within Virginia, in the US, and throughout the world.

Retirement Service

Forty-two persons were part of the 2022 Retirement Class. These individuals have a combined total of 1,154.5 years of service. Two notable retirements were Rev. Ed Martin, 37 years and Rev. Sandra Bottoms, 17 years.

Service of Remembrance

The Rev. Grace Han, pastor of Trinity UMC, Alexandria District, preached for the Service of Remembrance in which 77 conference clergy and laity who died since the last Annual Conference were remembered.

A Service for the Ordering of Ministry

This year’s Service for the Ordering of Ministry began with Bishop Sharma Lewis recognizing the classes of 2020 and 2021 that were licensed, commissioned, ordained during the pandemic.

Twenty-two persons were licensed. Three persons were commissioned provisional deacons. Fifteen persons were commissioned provisional elders. Two persons had recognition of orders. One person was ordained as a deacon in full connection. Seven persons were ordained elders.

It is with great pleasure to announce that Pastor MiRhang Baek has also been reappointed and will continue to guide and lead our church on another year of faith fellowship by sharing the word of GOD and by spreading hope, love, and joy to each of you and the community around Ginter Park United Methodist Church.

5K Walk/ Run

The conference hosted a 5K Walk/Run on June 18. “BeingTogether” encouraged members to be intentional in their well-being by attending to their spiritual, emotional, and physical health. All proceeds of this event will be donated to #NurturingTogether, an Annual Conference offering that supports leadership development around the world.

Giving and Donations

This year churches across the annual conference helped to assemble 18,560 The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) Kits valued at $298,724. Some 12,611 pounds have also been collected for food banks across the conference.

The Conference Statistician and Treasurer David Dommisse reported that in 2021, many churches continued with virtual and hybrid worship services. Over 2,000 people were welcomed on professions of faith, an increase, along with an increase in baptisms. Over 1.3 million people were reached through missions. Revenues have been flat. Churches spent more on mission and less on administration.

Recognizing Young Adults

During the conference Joshua McCauley made a motion for funds to be directed toward children and youth ministries. His request came too late to be considered by the conference. The pledging of funds for children and youth was initiated by Leesburg United Methodist Church pledging $1,000 and challenging 49 others to follow suit, followed by the Arlington/Alexandria District, and the other districts. Pledges were put on a table in front of the stage. The most recent numbers indicate over $62,000 has been pledged.

For further information please go to this website:



If you would like to volunteer to read the scripture or serve as crucifers or acolytes during the 11:00 a.m. worship service please put your name on the calendar located outside the Church Office. We kindly ask you to sign up no more than once a month so that we have diverse voices and presence in worship.


Our Afghan refugees will be moving to a different location at the end of this month. Any monetary donations will be greatly appreciated.


Our prayers are constant and urgent for the Ukrainian people. Many of you have asked about the ways to help the people of Ukraine and to support our United Methodist witness in Ukraine. Bishop Khegay in Eurasia said that the best way to provide financial support is to contribute through the Global Ministries Advance for Eurasia and designate your gift for Ukrainian Assistance. Following is a link to the Eurasia Advance information:  Please put “Ukrainian Assistance” on your check or envelope when you make offerings. We will send the fund to Eurasia Advance.


Your food pantry is currently serving an approximately 125+ households each week. Volunteers are welcome to help with this ministry. Donations of paper grocery bags with handles, plastic bags, canned fruit and vegetables and dry cereal are needed.


  • $7,220 income for May
  • Expenses $19,733
  • $-15,675 for the year


Repair to our garden fountain will be happening in the upcoming month. We hope to have it functioning again this fall!


The office will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.  The phones will be monitored throughout the week.


Please submit any announcements concerning Church activities to the church office by Tuesday mornings of each week! Thanks so much!