COVID-19 Announcement

Dear All,

This is really a hard time and especially for those of us who are used to seeing each other at least once a week. Social distancing is a challenge to human beings who are social creatures - extroverts and introverts alike! I really do miss you.

I hope that you are staying well and coping during this trying time. We pray that COVID-19 will soon be eradicated. The passage from Ephesians 6 and verse 10 onwards seems particularly relevant to me. Be strong in the Lord and put on the whole armor of God. Is it not true that we are not fighting against flesh and blood but rather against something that we cannot see?

Back in my school days there were some bullies around who terrorized their fellow students. When one saw a bully approaching in the hallway or outside, it was a good idea to go another way. Unfortunately we cannot see the coronavirus coming and so we must strive to avoid anything or place that appears to be a threat to our health. All the precautionary measures we take are to this end.
May God touch and heal all those who have tested positive for COVID-19 and send ministering angels to protect us all. I pray especially for all doctors and nurses and medical personnel who put themselves in the way of infection every day but particularly in these days. Thank you for what you are doing.

Bishop Lewis of the Virginia Annual UMC Conference has instructed that all of our worship services be cancelled through the end of March. After that we will have to see what happens....
If at all possible I urge all of us to mail in our Tithes and Offerings to the Church at the address found below my signature in this email. Your love, generosity and faithfulness will keep our ministry alive when it is most needed! The bills keep rolling in.

My prayers are with those of you who have lost loved ones recently and also with you who are sick.

Love and Blessings,