Announcements - Week of March 31. 2019

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Joys & Concerns

Barbara Bennardo, needs a liver transplant, Xander Perkinson, Barbara “Shirly” Gelston (Liz Turner’s great Aunt) for heart issues, flu and pneumonia, Ted Hughes (Liz Turner’s great Uncle) with brain cancer, Claude Cheely, Harriet Cogle, Nik, Teddy Sears, Joyce Forcke, Frankie Irons, Shirley Overstreet, Judy Wilkinson, Jane Whitlow, Cindy White, Jennifer Maitland, Isabelle Brown.


Today’s devotional write in Season of Joy and Gladness, our Lenten devotional booklet from Society of St. Andrew, writes Joy, and asks us to consider the final season of life, and our approach to that season. What has been theoretical for so long, will soon be actual! Consider giving today to the Society of St. Andrew, a nationwide ministry focused on caring for actual physical hunger. Every $3 provides 20 meals of nutritious, fresh food for the hungry.


Volunteers are needed on April 6th to help with the Yard Sale at GPUMC. Help is especially needed at the beginning and ending of the Yard Sale 7:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. Any time that you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Mary Swing if you are interested.


Tuesday April 2, 10:00am meeting followed by program TBA. Bring sandwich. Dessert and drink provided. Saturday April 6, District Prayer Breakfast Shady Grove UMC, Mechanicsville. Registration 8:30am. Breakfast and Worship 9:00-11:00am. Shalom Farms Auxiliary sponsoring Geranium Sale to benefit Shalom Farms. $4.50 each (4 1/2inch pot). The Geraniums come in red, salmon, coral, hot pink and white. We will take orders for specific colors but cannot guarantee. Make checks payable to UMUMR. Deadline for ordering Sunday, April 4. Contact Sarah Lynn Croll or Laura Roberts if interested in ordering.


The Church Council at its meeting on March 13th, 2019 recommended consideration of the following draft statement for regular inclusion in our weekly Church Bulletins and on our web page: - “Ginter Park United Methodist Church in Richmond, Virginia, celebrates that all persons are created in God’s image and are of sacred worth. We extend hospitality and encourage full participation of all, regardless of age, race or ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, socioeconomic status, educational background, and physical or mental ability. We invite all people to join us in our faith journey toward greater love, understanding, and mutual respect.”

Your written comments on this statement are invited. Please email them to Brian Durrett at or Dennis Lipke at You may also send them to the Church Office. This matter will be discussed once more at the next Church Council meeting on April 10th, 2019.

CARITAS Director Needed

Ginter Park UMC needs a volunteer to be our local Director/Leader to take charge of overseeing details for our CARITAS hosting week for about 32 females currently scheduled from February 1st to 8th, 2020. We have people willing to assist in many ways with some of the tasks but for us to continue this mission, we require one person to take the lead. If you are interested in being this person, please contact Pastor Dennis. Any questions you might have may also be directed to him. If we are unable to secure a volunteer Director/Leader for CARITAS next year, we will need to cancel our proposed hosting week.


The group will travel to the Washington National Cathedral for a tour. Following the tour we will head up the tower where we will enjoy a wonderful view overlooking Washington and we will also be served Tea and other goodies while in the tower. This will be a really great day!

Then in June, we will meet on Sunday evening for a light dinner followed by a trip to hear the Richmond Pops which everyone enjoyed last year. That will be on June 23rd. Everyone is invited to join us in any of these events. It is helpful if you call to let us know you are coming but if you forget to call please join us anyway. For the May and June events you must call since they are ticketed events. Please call Beth and Roy at (804)266-3164. We look forward to your joining us.


Your food pantry's supply of paper grocery bags with handles is extremely low.

Most Kroger stores are not using paper bags with handles at this time. Hopefully, this is a temporary situation. Lidl stores, however, are selling paper bags with handles at 7 cents each. If you shop at Lidl, please consider buying extra bags and donating them to the food pantry. Should we need to purchase these bags from a restaurant supplier, the cost is 15-1/2 cents each.

We can also use canned goods such as corn, tuna and peanut butter. Donations may be left outside of the food pantry (Burchette Room) door on the first floor as you come in from the parking lot. We are currently serving approximately 60 needy families per week from our food pantry and clothes closet. Your support is greatly appreciated.


On May 5th the Side Door Service will be held at John Thompson’s Farm House at 10 a.m. Details forthcoming.


As you drive in Richmond. We’ve heard (CBS Local News, Channel 6, 3/26/19) that effective immediately, the SPEED LIMITS on various Richmond streets have been reduced and ticketing by Police is taking place NOW to enforce the new reduced speeds, for example: 35 mph reduced to 25 mph; (some 35 mph to 30 mph). New signs are already up. Also, new crosswalks have been painted in new locations. This is part of “Mayor Stoney’s new Pedestrian Safety Program along his new Bus routes,” in order to keep the people using the buses safe. Please be aware that they are rapidly putting up new speed limit signs, and keep a sharp eye out for any sudden changes.